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  Parallel Real-time Immersive network Modeling Environment (PRIME)

Performance Evaluation of Large-Scale Scientific Applications on Grid Computing Environments with PRIME

Parallel Real-time Immersive network Modeling Environment (PRIME) is a real-time simulator designed to model the global-scale networking conditions. PRIME achieves high-performance simulation of large-scale networks with tens of thousands up to millions of network entities under realistic traffic load by taking advantage of both advanced parallel and distributed simulation technologies and multi-resolution network traffic modeling techniques.

Further, as a real-time simulator, PRIME allows unmodified real-world implementations of distributed applications, network protocols and services to run together with the network simulator that operates in real time, where real network traffic generated from these real applications is conducted by the simulation system and thus subjected to the simulated network conditions computed as a result of both real and virtual traffic traversing the virtual network and competing for network resources.

The research participation of undergraduate students on GCB's PRIME project can be highly beneficial for all concerned. There are a number of research tasks, which do not require deep knowledge of the simulator itself. Instead, these tasks can be performed using the PRIME network simulator as a tool for developing models for computer networks. These include, specification of network configuration and topology, installation of network simulator, writing code for generating trace files, or manipulating and interpreting results from simulation.

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