Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Global CyberBridges

Research Experiences for Undergraduates(REU) in Global CyberBridges project(s)

The Global CyberBridges project has established a tradition of working with REU students since it began in 2006 either directly through REU supplement support or indirectly through opening a mentoring channel within Florida International University (FIU) or by leveraging other programmatic funding such as the PIRE award.

Now, we have opening for two REU students. These students will be placed on existing distributed collaborative research teams of graduate students, each lead by an FIU GCB fellow graduate student, to perform specific research tasks as detailed below. There is ample work in the plans below to engage more than these two students if funding is available. In summary they will:

  • Discover how to perform network simulation research using PRIME.
  • Discover how financial derivates may be ported from the super computing to the grid computing environment.
  • Discover how to gather data and analyze globally distributed collaborative research teams

The deliverable of this REU request will consist of a report prepared by the REU students and their team leaders explaining their approach to the research, the research experience, and the conclusions drawn. The report will also contain a section suggesting next steps to continue the research.

For more information please contact us at (305)-348-4105 or email at

All positions are currently filled up



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