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GCB - Calit2 Student Summer Workshop Announcement

Project GreenLight Education & Outreach Summer Workshop in Collaboration with Global CyberBridges

The Global CyberBridges (GCB) international program goals have three key areas of engagement, which are:

  • Science and Engineering graduate student exchange with China and Brazil.
  • Cultural, experiential, and scientific Educational Outreach with China and Brazil.
  • Cyberinfrastructure enhancement to science and engineering research projects through the application of High Performance Networking, (Grid) Computing, and Visualization.

The program goals include:

  • Bringing together graduate students & faculty from various disciplines through 2 semester fellowships.
  • Offering greater understanding of research and education in cyberinfrastructure .
  • Increasing opportunities for cross-disciplinary research and education.
  • Increasing scientists rate of discovery.
  • Creating a cyberinfrastructure empowered workforce.
  • Providing network engineering & grid computing technical support for domestic and international activities.
  • Providing technology transfer support and infrastructure (SAGE / OptIPortal) for distributed research collaboration.

When: June 30th - July 2nd, 2009.

Where: UCSD in La Jolla, California.

Who: The Workshop is aimed at GCB Fellows at FIU, Brazil, China and Hong Kong. ALL FIU SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING GRADUATE STUDENTS MAY ALSO APPLY!

How to Apply: Please REGISTER and SUBMIT 200 words explaining your interest in attending the workshop. Registration is now closed.

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